How to Null A Wordpress Theme or Plugin?

As you know, you are permitted to modify, distribute and sell any product distributed under the GPL license at your will. Developers place a license system on their product to get ahead of this. In this article, we will share a few techniques on how to bypass this licensing system.

Method 1: Find a previously nulled version.

Do a Google search. Example: Yith Stripe Plugin Nulled
If the product you want to null has a nullable version before, compare the two plugins using the Winmerge.exe program. Most likely, the codes used to nullify the previous version will also work in this version.

Method 2: If you have a developer license and you want to use it in other domains.

  • Before installing the Plugin or Theme, “export” the “options” table in your database with the help of phpmyadmin.
  • Then install the theme/plugin. Activate using your license.
  • Go to phpmyadmin and export the “options” table again.
  • Find the difference between the two sql files using winmerge.exe.
  • You will find recordings similar to
'license_status', 'valid','yes'
'purchase_key', 'xxxx-xxxxxx-xxxxxx'

Then add functions.php if it is a theme, and add the following codes to the top of the …php file, which has the same name as the plugin folder, and save it.


50% chance it will work. If it doesn’t work, there is an extra license check. See method 3 to bypass this check

Method 3: Find the license checking codes

  • After installing the Theme or Plugin on your local server, go to the activation page. And take a look at what term he used. “License Key” or “Purchase Code”‘ “Activation Code” or any other term. I assume you are using “license key”.
  • Open SublimeText. Press Ctrl + Shift + F.
  • Type “License key” in the upper field, click on the lower field and select Add Folder from the right and select the directory where the plugin or theme is located.
  • A summary of the pages in which this term occurs will appear on your screen. Take a look at the code by going to the pages you think might be relevant. Many plugins or themes have a logic similar to this
if license_key='valid'; {
return true;
else {
return false;

so here, in short, if the license code is a valid one, return the value True; If not, there is a logic to return false value. By changing this code as follows, you will ensure that it returns the true value in any case.

else {
return true;

Last Word

A certain amount of php or programming knowledge will be required to nullify any theme or plugin, that is, bypass the license system. While some plugins and themes are nullable very easily, others use very complex mechanisms. This, in turn, will affect your success rate.