How to Get 1000 Subscribers on YouTube (Quick Ways)

How to Get 1000 Subscribers on YouTube, YouTube is a very well-known video streaming service in today’s modern world. There was a time when people didn’t even know what YouTube was and today, every small piece of information is taken by people only from YouTube videos.

YouTube is a very well-known video streaming service in today’s modern world. There was a time when people didn’t even know what YouTube was and today, every small piece of information is taken by people only from YouTube videos. It doesn’t matter if you need information on food recipes or news from around the world, YouTube has everything for you. But there is a small obstacle here. The issue is when you open a YouTube channel for the first time; it is a fact that many people don’t recognize you. To get hundreds of thousands of views, likes, comments, and subscribers, you have to be famous enough to make people know you. So, the requirement is How to Get 1000 subscribers on YouTube for a start in a short period.

On the other hand, YouTube has also helped a lot of talented individuals to display their skills online and get popular in a short period. Almost in every city or country, on every nook and corner, there is some hidden talent but unfortunately for some reason; those people are not getting recognized by anyone. So, now YouTube is trying to help them by showcasing their talent to all parts of the world through videos. Well, the process to do this is also very simple. If you are talented and you think that your skills are unique and better than others and no one can do them better than you, then you have to simply sign up and start your channel on YouTube, and then you can upload videos on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Now the question is how to gain reach on YouTube for a start. Well, there are a few things that you should try to increase the number of subscribers on your YouTube channel. How to Get 1000 subscribers on YouTube:

Buy YouTube Subscribers

The Internet has developed a lot in the last few years. There was a time when you had to share your YouTube channel link on other social networking sites to increase the number of views and subscribers. But now different companies have opened a large number of sites from where you can buy YouTube subscribers.

The plans of YouTube subscribers are available at an affordable rate on these websites and also if your budget is limited, then also there are a few sites that understand that and can find a plan for you based on what you have in your pocket. Well, I would like to recommend the three best and well-known sites

When it comes to the best service and quality of subscribers, the one perfect destination for you GetViral. You can purchase 200 subscribers for $21 and 1,000 subscribers for $71.

All the YouTube subscribers are authentic and the site can offer you real-time engagement. The site has 24/7 live support for your questions. is a popular and recommended site to buy YouTube subscribers. The site provides authentic subscribers and has a wide range of plans. You need to choose anyone and then enter the URL of your channel. The password is not needed and you can pay safely through SSL encrypted payment gateway. The site provides 100 subscribers for $12. It has 24/7 live chat support for answering your queries.


If you ask anyone about the safest site to buy YouTube subscribers, they will recommend Viralyft as the best choice for you. The team of Viralyft has experience of 50 years in online and offline marketing.

The plans start for $10.99 and go up to $449.99. The site has a 24/7 live feature if you have any queries. You need to enter the URL of your channel and the site will not ask for your password to complete your order. You can pay securely through the SSL encrypted payment gateway.

The above-mentioned three websites are the best websites from where you can get your first 1000 subscribers on YouTube. Apart from these, hundreds of online websites offer YouTube subscribers at affordable prices to those who are looking for a boost in their popularity on social media. But, before you go to any website and make a payment, make sure that it is a real and authentic website or you might become a victim of cybercrime.

Grow your YouTube channel organically

It is very tough to get thousands of subscribers overnight but there is a saying that you need to start from scratch or the bottom. That’s what you need to follow at first. When you open a YouTube channel, the first best thing you can do is organically get subscribers.

This means that you can share your channel URL on other social networking sites and ask people to subscribe to your channel. You can also do the same in your friend’s group and family members and ask them to share it with others as much as possible.

Be Engaging with your Subscribers

When you show your best in the videos, people start to like you a lot. Eventually, they would like to talk with you and know more about you. You need to reach out and talk to them. You need to accept their compliments and sometimes, even their criticisms.

Even if someone has told something good about your skills, accept it and reply to him or her by saying a ‘Thank You!’. It is a truth that if you don’t talk with people, they lose interest in you at a point in time. The same is the case in terms of YouTube. If you don’t come out and interact with your subscribers, it might force them to unsubscribe from your channel.

Be Innovative with your Videos

When you use any object for a long period, it is very obvious that you feel bored at a point in time and you want some change. The same thing happens on YouTube. If you post the same kind of video again and again by just making a few minor changes, the viewers would try to ignore you.

So, you must be creative and make something new every day so that it can create suspense inside the minds of your subscribers and make them think about what you are going to do in your next video. This is the most effective way to keep your subscribers stick to your channel.

Consider YouTube SEO

YouTube SEO is the most important step in increasing your YouTube subscribers. You must know how to make use of it and you can do it by following these steps :

Rename the video file with a target keyword

You can use an SEO tool to identify keywords you would like your video to specifically focus on. You need to put that in your video file. YouTube cannot see your video to check the relevance of the keyword with your video but there are many places where you can include this keyword on the video’s viewing page when it gets published. YouTube can read the file name of the video and the code that comes with it when it is uploaded.

Include the keyword naturally in the video title

When you search for any video, the first thing that attracts you is the title of the video. The title will make you decide whether you want to watch the video or not and therefore, the title must be compelling, clear, and concise. Keyword plays a major part in the video title and helps when the title almost matches with what you are searching for. Ensure that the title of your video and try to keep it to around 60 characters.

Optimize the video descriptions

The official character limit for video descriptions as stated by Google is 1,000 characters. You must remember that your subscribers have subscribed to your channel to see your video and not to read an essay. If you are thinking of writing a long description, you must know that YouTube shows only the first two or three lines of the text, and then people need to tap on ‘show more’ to read the complete description.

Tag the video with keywords that relate to the topic

Experts recommend using tags to let viewers know what the video is all about. You are not just informing the viewers, you are also informing YouTube. The tags are used in the platform for understanding the content and context of the video. This way, YouTube can figure how to link your video with other figures and that can broaden your content’s reach. Google may penalize you if you use an irrelevant tag.

Categorize the video

After uploading your video, you can categorize it under ‘Advanced Settings’. Choosing any category is considered a way to group the video with similar content and it appears in various playlists and gets exposure to more people who know your audience. Marketers go through a long process to determine which category a video belongs to.

Upload the custom thumbnail image for the video result link

The video thumbnail is the main image that is seen by the viewers when they scroll through the video results. Along with the title of the video, the thumbnail sends a signal to the viewer regarding the content of the video and this can also impact the number of clicks and views received by the video. A thumbnail is always auto-generated by YouTube but still, it is recommended to use one of your own. Remember that the images should be 1280×720 pixels and represents a 16:9 ratio and are saved as 2MB or smaller .jpg, .gif, .bmp, or .png files.

Add an SRT file for subtitles and closed captions

Subtitles and closed captions can also increase YouTube search optimization by highlighting the essential keywords. For adding subtitles and closed captions to the video, you need o to upload a supported text transcript or timed subtitles file. For the first one, you can enter transcript text for the video, and that auto-syncs with the video. The process to add subtitles is also the same. But you can set a limit for the amount of text you want to be shown.

For this, go to the video manager and select ‘Videos’. Search the video for which you want to include subtitles or closed captions and tap the drop-down arrow seen next to the edit button. Then select ‘Subtitles/cc’. You can now choose how you would like to add subtitles or closed captions.

Include Cards and End Screens for increasing your channel’s viewership

If you are watching a video, you may have seen a small white, circle-shaped icon with an ‘I’ in the middle at the corner. These are known as Cards which are described as performed notifications that can be seen on desktop and mobile which can be set up to promote your brand and other videos on the channel. You can include almost five cards in one video and they are of six types :

  • Channel cards that direct users to other channels.
  • Donation cards for encouraging fundraising on behalf of U.S. nonprofit organizations.
  • Fan funding asks your viewers for help in supporting the creation of your video content.
  • Link cards that direct users to another site-approved crowdfunding platform and an approved merchandise selling platform.
  • Poll cards pose a question to people and allow them to vote for a response.
  • Video and playlist cards that link to other YouTube content of the same type.

End screens how the same type of information like cards but they don’t show it until a video is over and they are more visually detailed in nature. There are many instructions to add end screens and that is dependent on what type of platform you wish to design them for and various types of content allowed for YouTube. You must note that YouTube tests end screens for optimizing the viewer experience and so there is a time when your end screen designated by you might not be seen.

Clean your Channel

Once in a week or a month, you should have a look at your YouTube channel and check if there is any old content that needs to be deleted.

The content might be outdated, poorly made, or a video that didn’t get much appreciation from subscribers. If there is something like this in your channel and your subscribers, especially the new ones get to know about it, you might lose a few.

Create and Post Watchable Content

YouTube is full of different types of videos so it might feel like you can get away by posting anything. Well, it is not that you cannot do it but it is wrong and it can make you lose your subscribers.

The best way to keep your subscribers hooked to your YouTube channel is by uploading videos and content that can be watched by them and something that matches the daily interest of your subscribers.

Pro Tips to Grow your YouTube Channel Faster

There are also some advanced methods that you can use to grow your YouTube channel and increase the number of subscribers for your channel. So, here are a few pro tips to grow your YouTube channel faster :

Grow the YouTube Channel with Giveaways

If you host a giveaway, it is the fastest way to get 1000 subscribers to your YouTube channel. Your giveaway can be different based on your channel’s niche. The giveaway prize has to be worth it to gain traction and bring subscribers to your channel.

Grow the Channel with Video Series

You can make a video series on your channel so that you get subscribers and the ones who have already subscribed don’t feel like unsubscribing your channel. For making an engaging video series, it has to be around a specific keyword or topic and you can optimize your content for searching on YouTube. Video series can help to establish yourself as an influencer or thought leader in your niche when you grow your YouTube channel. If you have a good YouTube banner for your YouTube channel and videos, it can help you with your branding and aesthetic. Two of them can help you connect with the target audience and grow your channel.

Grow the Channel with Cross Promotion

You can promote your YouTube channel on all social media platforms and there are 3 effective ways for cross-promotion on social media platforms for your YouTube channel:

(i) Video teasers for building anticipation.

(ii) Behind the scenes so that subscribers can see the work you have done to make those videos.

(iii) Alert your subscribers when you upload a new video.

Cross-promotion can make your channel look uniformed and professional. You might not know how many subscribers you will get by promoting your channel on other social media platforms.

Grow the Channel with Video Colabs

If you co-host a video with a fellow YouTuber, it can help to increase the number of subscribers. This is possible because subscribers of two channels will be watching your video. You should try hosting with someone who has almost the same number of subscribers on his or her YouTube channel. You can also do a video collaboration with many YouTubers in a single video or for a complete video series.

Grow the Channel by joining YouTube Community

The promotion of YouTube videos is not sufficient to increase the number of subscribers on your channel. You also need to be a part of the YouTube Community. This lets you network, receive feedback, and share your interests with people who have similar goals as you.

Grow the channel with consistent uploads

If you consistently upload videos on YouTube, it can help your channel to become more successful and get more subscribers. You can push notifications and this will alert your subscribers when you upload a new video. Upload a new video for one time in a week or a month because being inconsistent with your uploads can make you lose subscribers.

Upload the videos on Facebook

When you upload your videos on Facebook, it can help you to reach a bigger audience who might be interested in your content. When you have a collection of videos on Facebook, viewers can access your content easily without the need of changing platforms. You can include a link for subscribing in your caption and this can lead to an increase in the number of subscribers.

Embed videos on your Blog

YouTube doesn’t have a lot of options to offer more information to your viewers and so, having a website of your brand is very much important for you. If you have a blog to coincide with your channel, it can offer people the option to learn by reading or watching. If you have a blog, then you should embed the videos of your channel on your blog and promote them to your subscribers. You can include a YouTube widget to your website and blog.


So, all we got to know is there are many hidden steps through which you can increase the number of subscribers for your YouTube channel.

A few take time and the other does not. But the conclusion is that the above-mentioned methods are very helpful. If you follow them properly without taking any shortcuts, they can surely help you on how to get 1000 subscribers on the YouTube channel.