Akeeba Admin Tools Pro Nulled 7.1.6 + 6.1.5 [J3, J4] Joomla [Free Download]

Akeeba Admin Tools Pro Nulled is a true Swiss Army knife for every Joomla! site. It will detect new releases as soon as they’re available and notify you, safely protect your administrator’s directory with a password, and fix permissions automatically. No more worrying about compatibility because your site is always up-to-date!

Akeeba Admin Tools Plugin Nulled Features

  • Security tightening .htaccess (Apache), nginx.conf (NginX) and web.config (IIS) file generator with a simple yet powerful user interface
  • Restrict administrator with a secret URL parameter
  • Web Application Firewall to block common exploits (SQL injection, XSS, DFI, RFI, malicious user agent, CSRF/spam-bot protection, uploads scanner etc)
  • Bad word filtering
  • IP Whitelisting for the administrator section
  • IP Blacklisting
  • Geographic block (deny access to specific countries/continents)
  • Modification of Generator meta tag and other sensitive HTTP headers
  • Email on administrator login
  • Block front-end Super Administrator log-in
  • Block Super Administrator user modification
  • Block extensions installation
  • Block visual fingerprinting (tmpl, template and tp URL parameters)
  • Integration of the Bad Behavior anti-spam library
  • Project Honeypot IP blacklist integration
  • Automatic IP blocking of repeat offenders
  • Email notifications of all detected security issues
  • URL redirections (exclusive support for query parameters!)
  • Scheduled site maintenance operations

Akeeba Admin Tools Plugin Free Download

Akeeba Free Download admin tools will help you avoid security breaches and downtime of your Joomla! installation. It is a great addition for any site owner and saves you hours and hours of work.