WooCommerce Coupon Referral Program Nulled 1.6.2

WooCommerce Coupon Referral Program Nulled Download
WooCommerce Coupon Referral Program Nulled Download

Coupon Referral Program Nulled Referral marketing (also known as word of mouth marketing) is the oldest but one of the most effective marketing strategies for building a strong customer base and improving eCommerce conversion rates. The extension Coupon Referral Program believes the ideology behind referral marketing and lets customers/admin take benefit of the same.

WooCommerce Coupon Referral Program Features

  • Referral reward program builds a strong customer base.
  • Elevates engagement on-site, which ultimately improves revenue.
  • It generates more loyal customers.
  • Enhances Brand Awareness.
  • Improves customers’ journey and their lifetime value.
  • It provides the ability to share the referral link on Facebook, Twitter, and Email.
  • Promotes the practice of referral program.
  • The signup discount coupon can be provided to all or only to referred users.
  • The referrer can earn a discount coupon on successful completion of product purchase via referred.
  • Signup discount for Referrer
  • Referral Link Sharing
  • Customizable Referral Button
  • Limitation On Coupon Usage
  • Referral Link Restriction
  • Maximum orders for referral rewards
  • Referrer Reward Limitation
  • Selection Of Coupon Type
  • Referral Discount Type
  • Percentage Coupon Discount Upto
  • Discount Amount
  • Coupon General Settings
  • Set Coupon Expiry Time
  • Referral Button Visibility
  • Coupon Reporting


*** Coupon Referal Program ***

2021-09-16 - Version 1.6.1

* New: Compatibility with latest WP and WC
* New: Hide Coupon Referral Woo PAR is enabled
* New: Display Coupon usage count
* Fix: Email Template Overriding issue
* Fix: Typo Error

Download WooCommerce Coupon Referral Program

Free Download WooCommerce Coupon Referral Program Plugin Crack enables your customers to earn coupon rewards for various activities they perform on your website like sharing the referral link on social networking sites and through emails. The admin can customize the referral button using the predefined options or by applying custom CSS.