Fuse Nulled 14.0.1 Angular 12+ Material Design Admin Template

Fuse Nulled Angular 12+ Material Design Admin Template Download
Fuse Nulled Angular 12+ Material Design Admin Template Download

Fuse Nulled is a brilliant admin template for Angular. It’s clean, simple, practical and future-proof. This template has been built with the future in mind by having a lot of flexibility when it comes to your app layouts. Our modular approach allows you to pick and choose what you need for your app.

Being able to set different layout per route makes Fuse very flexible as it allows having any kind of page design within the same codebase. For example, you can have the main admin application, a landing page and authentication pages all within the same codebase without the constant need of hiding/showing layout level elements such as NavigationHeader or Footer.

Fuse Angular 12+ Material Design Admin Template Features

  • Completely built with TailwindCSS.
  • Modular design.
  • Multiple layouts.
  • Ability to set a different layout per route.
  • Pre-built and ready to use application and page designs.
  • Ready to use page layouts.
  • Custom components for admin panel specific use cases.
  • Starter project included for faster development.
  • Full Angular Material theming support with customizable colors.
  • Dark and Light color schemes support.


Nov 11, 2021
(FuseLoadingBar) Added the FuseLoadingBar component, its helper service and its interceptor
(dependencies) Updated Angular & Angular Material to v13
(dependencies) Updated various other packages
(dependencies) BREAKING: Updated RxJS to 7.4.0 and optimized import paths
(apps/calendar) BREAKING: Removed the Calendar app due to FullCalendar's Angular component not being properly developed
(FuseDateRange) BREAKING: Removed the FuseDateRange component, alternative: https://github.com/fetrarij/ngx-daterangepicker-material
(@fuse/overrides/angular-material) Fixed: Normal border color of the text field overrides the invalid and focus border colors on dark themes
(@fuse/navigation) Don't need to use interpolation on scss variables anymore since Tailwind doesn't cause any problems with them anymore

Download Fuse Angular 12+ Material Design Admin Template

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