wbAMP Nulled Free Download

wbAMP Nulled automatically creates and advertises to search engines an Accelerated Mobile Pages version of your web site content. wbAMP will let you convert Joomla articles and categories, as well as multiple other components.

wbAMP Joomla Plugin Features

  • PHP 8 compatible
  • IMPORTANT: versions 4.17 and up add proper robots meta tag for full visibility in Google Search results
  • NEW: Single key update, ready for auto-updates by services such as Watchful
  • Removed Google+ related features: update!!
  • [NEW] Support for AMP Analytics Client ID API
  • [NEW] Automatic Contact form for your AMP pages
  • [NEW] Use modules on your AMP pages: simply assign modules to the wbAMP AMP-only module positions
  • Updated to latest AMP specification
  • Whitelist-based AMP validation, more efficient and reliable
  • Automatic Joomla contact page conversion and operation on AMP pages
  • Support for custom forms
  • Support for DISQUS comments
  • Automatic Joomla com_content and K2 metadata
  • Automatic menus, footer, header
  • AMP User notifications (“cookies law”)
  • Color and styles customization through the admin with point and click, no need to write CSS
  • Color themes available from 3rd-parties
  • Use only Joomla JLayouts for output: each and every part of a page can be overridden in the template
  • Simple content tags to show content only on AMP, or only on standard pages
  • Automatic social media elements conversion (tweets, Facebook posts, YouTube videos, …)
  • Build AMP slideshows
  • Social sharing buttons: multiple positions, and anywhere in your content with tags
  • Full Google Analytics and Google Tags Manager support
  • Analytics events tracking: click, scroll, time,…
  • Choose plugins to disable on AMP pages
  • Automatically remove tags from common plugins: all Regular Labs plugins, RSForms, ChronoForms, WidgetKit, Simple Image Gallery, Phoca Gallery
  • Unique Standalone mode, for AMP-only sites
  • Support for any Advert format accepted by AMP: multiple positions, and anywhere in your content with tags
  • Force AMP for mobile, or mobile+Tablets visitors
  • Detailed documentation
  • Warnings in case of misconfiguration
  • Available in 9 languages (see FAQ on site)

Download wbAMP Joomla Plugin

Free Download wbAMP uses a powerful and custom made conversion engine directly derived from the original AMP specification and validation file, meaning you are sure to have valid AMP pages, regardless of the extensions you are using on your site.