Live Chat Unlimited Nulled 3.2.1 WordPress Plugin

Live Chat Unlimited Nulled WordPress Plugin Free Download
Live Chat Unlimited Nulled WordPress Plugin Free Download

Need to install Live Chat Unlimited Nulled on your website? Now you can easily and beautifully! Live Chat Unlimited is a powerful application that lets you give your customers a better and more professional service. With the advanced technology and the expert user interface, you will be able to establish a successful business with less inherent risk.

Live Chat Unlimited WordPress Plugin Features

  • Open source
  • Install on unlimited domains
  • 100 users1 can chat at one time
  • Lightweight.. It works in iframe not to hurt your page performance. Your widget loads itself once your page fully loaded..
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Very clean code
  • More than one operators can reply the same user’s question
  • “Email notifications” when new visitor is online
  • SSL support. All your and visitor messages will be encrypted
  • Tested with latest WordPress
  • GDPR compliance (see details end of the page)
  • Tested with PHP 7.2 and WordPress 5.2.x



October 20, 2021

[+] New chat starter icon
[+] New appearance option: “Hide chat widget when all operators are offline”
[+] Auto-detect language and translate strings of the chat widget (i.e. Turkish, French, Spanish, Italian, etc.)
[+] Set your custom titles for chat widget
[+] Set your custom Google Font for chat widget
[+] Show “green badge” on chat starter button when at least one operator is online
[+] Sound notifications to chat console
[+] URLs are clickable in chat messages (including e-mails)
[+] Recognize RTL messages on chat
[*] Better design for in-app message (in other words, chat button title)
[*] Show only online operators on chat widget on online mode (when at least one operator is online)
[*] Increase maximum height of chat popup from 580px to 720px
[*] Improve stability of embedded chat console in WordPress
[!] Fix chat popup header sizing issue on first load
[!] Fix unable to disable “hide me on chat widget” option

Download Live Chat Unlimited WordPress Plugin

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