PeepSo GIPHY Integration Nulled

Free Download PeepSo GIPHY Integration Nulled
Free Download PeepSo GIPHY Integration Nulled

PeepSo Nulled is a super-light, free, social network plugin for WordPress that allows you to quickly and effortlessly add a social network or an online community, similar to Facebook right inside your WordPress site.

Create your perfect community. Just the way you always wanted to.
PeepSo and its plugins make it So Easy.

PeepSo GIPHY Integration Features

  • E-Learning & Online Courses
  • Community & E-commerce
  • Paid Memberships
  • Private Communities
  • Know Your Clients
  • What’s Your Idea



  • [PeepSo] GIPHY, Polls, VIP and WordFilter are now a part of PeepSo Foundation
  • [PeepSo] Store on-site notifications untranslated to enable third party multi-lingual plugin support
  • [PeepSo] “Preset URL” field type
  • [PeepSo] The “Followers” feature is now a part of PeepSo Foundation
  • [PeepSo] Followers profile tab
  • [PeepSo] Count followers and followings
  • [PeepSo] Add more information to profile details (under cover)
  • [PeepSo] The legacy “integrated PeepSo” widget position is now discontinued
  • [PeepSo] GIPHY: add to stream posts
  • [PeepSo] Let admin decide to hide profile completeness if all required fields are filled
  • [PeepSo] Polls: let admin define sorting by votes count
  • [Groups] Allow reactions and/or comments for non-members in open groups
  • [Media] Allow video uploads without conversions
  • [Email Digest] Plugin moved to the “Core” category
  • [User Limits] Plugin moved to the “Core” category
  • [Social Login] Login with Apple
  • [Social Login] Let users disconnect from social login by using password reset even if not logged in
  • [PeepSo] Move focus to search bar and highlight it once GIPHY interface is opened
  • [PeepSo] Performance improvements in MayFly temporary storage engine
  • [PeepSo] Improved logic and interface around profile details
  • [PeepSo] let hashtags widgets display up to 100 hashtags
  • [PeepSo] Move Repost to Advanced and rename the box
  • [PeepSo] GIPHY: more granular admin controls
  • [PeepSo] Raise username length limit to 50
  • [PeepSo] Rename Hide Activity Stream from Non-logged in Users
  • [PeepSo] Reorganize Appearance Config
  • [PeepSo] Add default action text when empty
  • [PeepSo] Add more flexibility to the “absolute dates” setting
  • [PeepSo] Datepicker problem with Elementor
  • [PeepSo] Markdown rendering issue when the Use Regular Linebreaks config is enabled
  • [PeepSo] Notification box not full-width in mobile if compact mode is disabled
  • [Photos] Loading issues with Community Photos widget
  • [Photos] Setting Cover or Avatar does not apply to currently viewed photo after using prev/next buttons
  • [Social Login] WooCommerce guest checkout issues

Download PeepSo GIPHY Integration

Free Download PeepSo is completely FREE and it’s a foundation that’s required to run other plugins. Its activity stream and profile pages will enable you to start building Your Community just the way you always wanted it to be.