Popup Maker – Advanced Targeting Conditions Nulled 1.4.7 [Free Download]

Advanced Targeting Conditions Nulled allow you to target your popups at specific visitors. Customize your offers, personalize your marketing, and get the best results.

Advanced Targeting Conditions WP Plugin Nulled Features

  • Logged in user
  • User with X role
  • User has commented X times
  • User has viewed a particular popup
  • User has viewed X pages on your site
  • User has spent X time on your site
  • User has viewed X page
  • Query arg exists
  • Query arg equals X
  • Referrer is X
  • Referrer contains X
  • Referrer is search engine
  • Browser is X
  • Defined cookie exists
  • Defined cookies equals X

Advanced Targeting Conditions WP Plugin Free Download

Advanced Targeting conditions Free Download is a robust tool that allows you to specifically use popups when certain conditions are (or are not) met by the User, Query String, Device, Referrer, Browser, or choose Customize, and use your own Advanced Targeting Conditions with your own custom functions.