1.7-1.8 Electronic Invoice + SDI Module Nulled 1.1.43 PrestaShop

Not anymore! Electronic Invoicing Nulled allows you to automate your process. It doesn’t matter how many invoices you send, you will always have the right data in the right place because of our capabilities in XML format. The best thing about our service is the price.

What this module does for you

This module facilitates the management and sending of the electronic invoice to the interchange system (SDI) directly from your backoffice panel.

The generated invoices can be downloaded and / or sent and monitored by a simple and intuitive interface.

Electronic Invoice + SDI Module Features

  • Addition of SDI, PEC and customer type fields (Private / Public Administration) to the customer’s address
  • Invoice generation in XML format compliant with current legislation
  • Parameter configuration for a possible Fiscal Representation
  • Parameter configuration for a possible Third Intermediary / Tax Authority
  • Configuration and mapping of payment systems
  • Possibility to download the invoice in XML format
  • Possibility to show the invoice in a readable format
  • Possibility to send the invoice to the interchange system
  • Possibility to download and then upload the digitally signed invoice (with your own signature system)
  • Supporto for credit note
  • Export multiple invoices in a zip archive with date filter
  • Monitoring your PEC mailbox

Download Electronic Invoice + SDI Module

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