Size Guide Module Nulled 1.4.3

Stop getting angry customers and frustrated e-commerce managers! The Size Guide Module Nulled is a powerful and easy-to-use module that helps you create and customize size correspondence tables for your online clothing, lingerie, accessory or jewelry shop. This module gives your customers visual representation of what the product looks like on the different body types and helps you reduce product returns, increase customer satisfaction and grow your sales.

What this module does for you?

The module allows you to create size guides, indispensable tools to:

  • Help hesitating customers finalize their purchases by helping them choose the right size for them
  • Reduce the number of returns and exchanges due to a size that doesn’t fit
  • Also avoid abandoned carts and improve your store’s conversion rate

Prestahop Size Guide Module Features

  • Compare your shop’s attributes (size, shoe size, etc.) in a table to other selected elements:
  • EU sizes compared to US, UK sizes, etc.
  • Standard sizes (S, M, L or 36, 38, 40) compared to different measurements (waist size, head circumference, chest size, etc.)
  • Comparison of the shop’s sizes with different countries’ standard sizes
  • Comparison of the sizes of the different brands sold in your store
  • Create as many tables as you want and assign them to a product or category
  • Show one or more size guides on a single product page (in tabs), in a pop-up window, directly in a dedicated box on the product page or as a “Size finder”
  • Assign an image to the table as well as a comment to give your customers advice (Example: How to take your measurements the right way? ; if you’re hesitating between two sizes, take the smaller size; etc.)
  • Create a dedicated CMS page with all your size guides created

Download Prestahop Size Guide Module

Do you sell lingerie? Do you have a website? Then, Free Download Size Guide Module Crack is an absolute must-have for your e-commerce site. It provides the means to create and customize various size correspondence tables, which in turn will help reduce product returns and improve customer satisfaction.