WooCommerce Group Coupons Nulled 1.23.1

free download WooCommerce Group Coupons nulled
free download WooCommerce Group Coupons nulled

WooCommerce Groups Coupons Nulled will help you promote your products with a group of users sharing similar interests. It will automatically generate a coupon for any product, and it is very easy to manage groups. Now you can sell products with a simple coupon. You can also make a payment by coupon to your customers, and it is even possible to set the price per quantity.

WooCommerce Group Coupons Features

  • Apply Coupons Automatically
  • Restrict Coupons by Group
  • Exclude Members
  • Restrict Coupons by Role
  • Display Pretty Coupons
  • Exclusive discount coupons for group members with the free Groups membership plugin
  • Exclusive discount coupons for roles
  • Automatic discounts for group members
  • Discount target groups and roles at a glimpse
  • Pretty coupons via shortcodes
  • Helps to cover many promotional and marketing cases


2021.11.24 - version 1.23.0
* WordPress 5.8 compatible.
* WooCommerce 5.9 compatible.
* Fixed an incorrect closing tag used in the Spanish translation.
* Improved the appearance of the administrative interfaces for the Groups and Roles coupon settings.
* Moved inline styles for administrative sections into appropriate stylesheets.
* Updated the translation template.
* Supports flexible language translation. Language-generic translations are used if country-specific or formal/informal translations are not available.
* Introduced the WGC_STRICT_LOCALE constant which can be used to disable flexible language translation by defining it as true.
* Includes full translation into generic German.
* Includes full translation into generic Spanish.

Download WooCommerce Group Coupons

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