WooCommerce Cart Add-ons Nulled 2.2.0 [Free Download]

Boost your order flow by up to 40% with WooCommerce Cart Addon Nulled! This simple, light weight tool is easy to install and use for anyone who sells digital products on their website. The version of this plugin is offered at a fraction of the cost.

Get a WooCommerce Cart Addon to make a purchase a must for your next customer. This app ensures that customers add an item from your store when they’re in the cart. It’s easy to use and doesn’t have any setup process, just install and have fun.

The Cart Up-Sells extension is a powerful tool for driving incremental and impulse purchases by customers once they are in the shopping cart. It extends the concept of up-sales and cross-sells at the product level, and engages your customer at the moment they are most likely to increase their spending.

WooCommerce Cart Addons Plugin Features

  • Go toWooCommerce > Cart Add-Ons.
  • Enter a Display title. Give the section a name.
  • Enter Maximum products to show – Tell the widget the maximum number of upsell products to show in the shopping cart.
  • Select Default Add-Ons – Products shown to customers in the cart, if more detailed (Category or Product-specific) recommendations are undefined. Leave blank if you don’t want default products shown.
  • Select Category Matches – Click + Add Category to define upsells for that category. Use as few or as many as you wish. Use priority to order recommended products when the shopper’s cart has multiple matches.
  • Select Product Matches – Click + Add Product to define upsells for that product. Use as few or as many as you wish. Use priority to order recommended products when the shopper’s cart has multiple matches.
  • Save changes.

Download WooCommerce Cart Addons Plugin

Free Download WooCommerce Cart Addon to your WooCommerce store and add another level of engagement to your product pages. This add-on enables you to add a ‘buy more’ button on your product pages that when clicked, will take the customer to the checkout page for a particular product so they can see a list of all the products in which they can buy more.