ElementorSheets 4.4.3 Nulled Elementor Pro Form Google Spreadsheet Addon [Free Download]

Want your form saved in one single Google Spreadsheet? ElementorSheets Nulled is the answer. From now, you can save your form’s entries in one single spreadsheet, whenever user will fill up the forms! This is one of the best plugin for saving entries in the Elementor Pro forms, which are filled up by users.

If you’re looking for a tool that can save all of your Elementor Pro Form entries in one spreadsheet, then ElementorSheets Nulled is the perfect plugin for you! This is by far one of the best and most popular plugins on the entire theme marketplace. With some regular care and maintenance, this plugin will help save your time and give you some extra peace of mind!

ElementorSheets WordPress Plugin Nulled Features

  • Save Entries – We can easily save all the entries with one Google Spreadsheet to make your enquiries/data effective. Google Spreadsheet can save your entries of your Elementor Form.
  • New Speadsheets – Once user will select and create new spreadsheet with settings option, it will auto create the new spreadsheet in google drive.
  • New Sheets – Once user will select and create new spreadsheet with settings option, it will auto create the new spreadsheet and sheets based on the name in settings page.
  • Freeze Header – User can easily freeze header row (first row) of the sheet with setting page option. It can be access easily also enable/disable whenever we need it.
  • Add/Remove Sheet Headers – Users can easily add sheet names in sheet headers, also after adding it can also be removed from sheet headers.
  • Sheet Header Sorting – Once users have created new sheet names and if they are not in sorted manner they can also be arranged in sorted form.
  • Sheet Headers mapping with form fields – Once users have created sheet headers, it will auto create the new on clicking in settings page and map the sheet headers with form fields.
  • Save Files – If your forms will have file fields then it will be automatically save those files within our plugin folder and add link to Google Spreadsheet. We can easily check attachment by single click with Google Spreadsheet entries.
  • Entry Protection – Sometimes system cause the issues to sending an email to admin, so we have send your business entries before sending system email to protect your business.
  • Easy Settings – Elementor Pro Form plugin can have function to add action after submit, that can easily add our form entries within Google Spreadsheets. All other plugin settings are one click settings to make it user friendly.

ElementorSheets WordPress Plugin Download

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