YITH WooCommerce Wishlist Premium Nulled 3.9.0[Free Download]

YITH WooCommerce Wishlist Premium Nulled are one of the most useful features for an e-commerce: on one side, it encourages users to come back, allowing to track products they consider interesting

YITH WooCommerce Wishlist Premium Nulled is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create the feature of the most popular extension on the e-commerce platform WooCommerce. It is used by all big online stores, such as ASOS, Nordstrom, Adidas, and John Lewis.

YITH WooCommerce Wishlist Premium Nulled Features

  • Select wishlist page
  • Select where displaying shortcode “add to wishlist”
  • Customise columns that will be shown in wishlist table
  • Show “Add to Cart” button in wishlist table
  • Show the date when the product has been added to the wishlist (only for logged users)
  • Remove items from wishlist after having added them to the cart
  • Redirect to checkout page after adding items to the cart
  • Share wishlist on social channels (for logged users only)
  • Fully customize colors and style
  • View wishlists created (by logged users)
  • View of popular products (added to wishlists)
  • Enable/disable wishlist features for unlogged users, except for the multi-wishlist and sharing features
  • Show a notice to unlogged users: invite them to log in to benefit from all wishlist functionalities
  • Allow users to create as many wishlists as they want
  • Allow users to manage wishlists, rename and delete them, add or remove items
  • Allow users to search registered wishlists and to display them
  • Allow users to set visibility options for each wishlist, by making them either public
  • Show multiple “Add to Cart” buttons in wishlist table
  • Show “Ask an estimate” button to let customers send the content of their wishlist to the admin and get a quotation
  • Add optional notes to quote request
  • Admin can send a promotional email to users who have added a specific product to their wishlist
  • Allow users to move an element from a wishlist to another one directly from the wishlist table

YITH WooCommerce Wishlist Premium Plugin Free Download

WooCommerce Wishlist Premium Free Download to your WordPress site and let users share their shopping list with their friends. Earn more likes and more sales by letting users share their favorite products to their social networks. Then, you will be able to track those products and send them offers using the data.